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As the #1 safety file generator in South Africa we have decided to expand to all major areas. Get a safety file Pretoria to start your construction project. It is legally required. The other area in Gauteng that is often serviced is safety file Johannesburg and here we can usually deliver really fast. We don’t only supply safety file Gauteng but also in other provinces within South Africa. In the Western Cape we supply safety file Cape town and in KwaZulu Natal we use Safety File Durban as our main port of operations.

You have to consider, not only the cheapest option but, the highest quality together with lead time. We know that contractors are often faced with extreme pressure situations in terms of time and therefore deliver faster than any other Health and Safety company in South Africa. We can also assist with a Health and Safety Plan in these areas and this does not cost an arm and a leg. What we want is for you to concentrate on your construction project let us worry about SHE Regulation and other Health and Safety concerns.